Fighting AI Fires with AI:

I love to point out to my students, that while the recommended fire suppression technologies depend on the classes of fire; none of the recommendations regardless of class, includes flame throwers. And I also support the idea attributed to M.K. Gandhi that ““An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.”

That being said in terms of AI, I absolutely do believe that as AI driven malware is expected to grow, the best countermeasures for defenders is also likely to be AI driven. In fact I am counting on the idea that it is better survival strategy in these times of emerging abundance, to collaborate rather than compete. While I very much malicious attackers to continue to use AI to automatically proliferate their abilities to identify and exploit vulnerable systems, the same tech will also be used to automatically

identify those same vulnerabilities, and hopefully automate fixes before they are exploited. And if not, then at least detect, contain and limit damages in short time.

We see this in security technologies that often use various names for overlapping technologies. In this video I explore Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Extended Detection & Response (XDR) & Security Orchestration Automation & Response (SOAR).

Not covered here but to me also likely to be very important to keeping our systems as safe as possible, Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART).

As we cross into our AI/AGI enhanced future, I hear so many argue that the risks of AI are growing out of control. I very much agree that by 2029, AGI will likely be out of human control. But I also trust that AGI can control other AIs. Artificial Intelligent beings may be written to narrowly focus on perhaps malicious deeds. But Artificial General Intelligence? I doubt that very much, as part of being “Generally” intelligent to me, is to understand why it is better survival strategy to be friendly and collaborative, not biased to do malicious stuff to some at the benefit of others. I suspect AGI will easily recognize that being benevolent is logical.

Happy Tuesday!

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