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End-User License Agreement (“Agreement”)

Please read this Agreement before purchase of our prerecorded programs, before clicking “Agree”. If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, do not click agree and do not purchase our prerecorded programs.


The video and audio files as well as corresponding PDF documents are technically free of any copy restrictions and time restrictions or technically enforced Digital Rights Management (DRM) of any kind. The purchaser is free, even encouraged to, makes as many copies on as many devices as you personally use. If you lose access due to data loss, you are covered for free updates and copies for 12 months after purchase.


These files are for personal use only. It is Required that the customer does not share any of the material with anyone else. Exceptions to this policy could be subjectively made, based on serious consideration of; 1) The person to whom it is shared with, really can’t afford to buy it at this time and 2) You ask yourself “Is this really for the benefit of the common good? What would Larry think?”. If the answers to the above considerations leaves you with the feeling that sharing them is the right thing to do, than by all means, do the right thing. If however, the customer violates the expressed and implied terms of this agreement, they may be found relatively guilty of “UnCoolness”. They may therefore be subject to various facial expressions of negative connotation, at the thought of their actions.