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Want to learn more about PKI? Whether studying for an exam or just want to understand how to better secure your information infrastructure, I have a 5 hour class next week I am testing out. Please feel free to join me. I hope to make this very enjoyable.

I have been teaching folks the basics of encryption, OpenPGP, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and X.509 certificates for over 20 years. Now all this time has passed and ask me how many S/MIME or PGP protected emails I get from people and I believe it is far less than .01 percent.

My CISSP, CCSP, CISM & CRISC students all need to understand how to employ PKI for many information security control objectives. And I suspect all users are served, by having a basic awareness of how cryptography is becoming exponentially more important to our daily lives.

Join me this Friday 12:00 EDT, for a 5 hour afternoon chat on PKI. It is my hope to that we can all get smarter together, as we understand where we are now and where we still need to go. From the beginning of record keeping to Blockchain.

Mod 1) Symmetric, Asymmetric & Hashing Algorithms with DEKs, KEKs and Signing Keys
Mod 2) Generating Private/Public Key Pairs
Mod 3) X.509 Certificates: How PKI is “Supposed” to Work
Mod 4) Blockchain and the Future of Record Keeping

(Note: For anyone who wants to follow along, I will be using Wireshark to illustrate Mod 1, Kleopatra for Mod2 and XCA for Mod 3.)

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